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Challenge “Mining & GIS 3D” What are the new solutions for mining companies?
Challenge “Georeferencing Rural Properties” What are the Act improvements and obstacles in its implementation?
Challenge “Multipurpose Technical Registration” Is it worth investing?
Challenge “Collaborative Mapping” Are we ready for this?
Challenge “Geo Innovative Cities” Which are the best experiences?
Challenge “Intelligent Geographic Information Value” How to calculate how much the spatial data are worth?
Challenge “Geospatial Solutions for Public and Private Management” How much does it cost not investing in it?
Challenge “Spatial Data Infrastructures” How to implement them successfully?
Challenge “21st Century Geo Professionals” How to train new employees and keep those already in the industry up-to-date?
Challenge “Geospatial Data Quality” How to guarantee it by taking into consideration needs, price and time?
Challenge “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)” What are the challenges for this new technology?
Challenge “GIS: From the Desktop to the Cloud” What are the market trends of GIS? 
Challenge “Geomarketing Practice” What is it good for and where to start?
Challenge “Satellite Images” What are the new business models, applications and future scenarios?
Challenge “Location Services” How to turn them into successful businesses?
Challenge “Oil and Gas in the Land and Offshore” What are the new solutions for the oil and gas companies?
Challenge “Infrastructure Projects” How is geoprocessing used to design and monitor major projects?
Challenge “Productivity in Land Surveying Automation” How to choose the best methodology?
Challenge “National Cartographic Agency” What changes with the creation of Ancar?
Challenge “Geospatial Solutions in Latin America” Common points and differences between countries.
Challenge “ROI of Enterprise Geographic Information” What is the return on investment for your business?
Challenge “The Access to Information Law” What does it change for the geo sector?
Challenge “Diversity of Airborne Solutions” How to know which one is best?
Challenge “The Future of Geospatial Data Distribution” What are the scenarios for access to this geographic information?