We are certain that geospatial information, drones and space sectors are important tools to enable the nations’s development. Our mission is to disseminate knowledge, connect people and integrate institutions. We do that by generating online content, making webinars and events such as the MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow and SpaceBR Show.

We keep connected for 365 days a year more than 100 thousand professionals through our online content channels and social media, generating more than 150 thousand monthly pageviews.

MundoGEO Team

Emerson Zanon Granemann | CEO and Founder – emerson@mundogeo.com
Eduardo Freitas | Editor and Event Coordinator – eduardo@mundogeo.com
Jarbas Raichert Neto | Comercial – jarbas@mundogeo.com
Eloísa Stoffel Rosa | Finance – eloisa@mundogeo.com
Guilherme Vinícius Vieira | TI – guilherme@mundogeo.com
Amanda Simões Fernandes | Customer Services – contato@mundogeo.com

About the events MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow and SpaceBR Show 2021

The activities offered in our events – courses, seminars, trade fair – bring out room for integration and stimulate the innovation in public and private institutions aiming to strengthen the sector, enabling them to optimize resources and get better results.

We work hard to prove the advantages of using cutting-edge technologies and stimulate new demands in the market.

Technological Solutions

Drones & Embedded Technologies; Remote Sensing; Mapping; GIS (Geographic Information System); Cadaster; Topography; Virtual and Augmented Reality; Artificial Intelligence; BIM (Building Information Modeling); Image Processing; Monitoring and Inspection; Aerophotogrammetry.


Agriculture; Environment; Smart Cities; Infrastructure; Sanitation; Forestry; Delivery; Civil Construction; Safety; Mining; Oil and Gas; Energy; Defense; Government.


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The event happened 100% Online, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.