MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL 2024 exhibitions bring together more than 8 thousand professionals

The events are consolidated as the largest meeting in the Americas in the geographic intelligence, drones, space and eVTOLs sectors, bringing together 8,000 professionals from 33 countries in a single location, with 200 brands at the exhibition and 180 speakers in courses, seminars and forums. The 2025 edition is already confirmed for June 3rd to 5th at Expo Center Norte – Pavilhão Azul, in São Paulo (SP), Brazil

The MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow Robotics, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL exhibitions exceeded expectations and brought together 8,100 professionals from more than 30 countries over three days, a 42% increase on the previous edition. Organized by MundoGEO, a company recently acquired by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), the events took place between 21 and 23 May at the Expo Center Norte – Yellow Pavilion, in São Paulo, Brazil, and consolidated its position as the largest meeting in the Americas that gather the geographic intelligence, drones, space and eVTOLs sectors in the same site.

The exhibition area, which grew in size by 50% compared to 2023, brought together 120 companies, representing more than 200 brands, including national and international players such as DJI, Topcon, Maxar, Head, Airbus, Capella Space, Nikon, Leica, Pentax, Trimble, Esri, Xmobots, Thales, Visiona, Quasar Space, Iceye, Vertical Connect, Gohobby/EHang and Moya Aero. In addition, the program of 25 activities, including courses, seminars and forums, featured 180 speakers from various countries, allowing them to share knowledge and experiences in these markets.

The main novelty this year was the first edition of Expo eVTOL, an unprecedented exhibition in Latin America dedicated to electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles, known as “flying cars”. At the exhibition companies presented these innovative aircraft in development and others with models ready to fly, just waiting for certification to operate commercially.

In the content area, the highlights of the Forum were the presence of major eVTOL manufacturers, such as Eve Air Mobility, Vertical Aerospace, EHang and Boeing, as well as international companies responsible for providing the infrastructure for this market to take off, such as UrbanV, Skyports and OneSky. The aeronautical authorities presented advances in the certification process for eVTOLs and vertiports, as well as the challenges and current state of airspace management and control solutions.

In the space market, the SpaceBR Show was a showcase for companies that build satellites and space launchers, popularly known as rockets, as well as the presence of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and the Aeronautics Command (COMAER). Highlights of the Forum included discussions on the Brazilian Space Program, new public investments, Brazil’s participation in the Artemis project to return to the Moon, international space law and the growth of venture capital options for investing in the sector.

DroneShow Robotics brought the main innovations in multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones for various applications, as well as companies offering generators for recharging drones in the field, product mixers for spraying and land and water robots used for asset monitoring. In the seminars and forums, the main topics were solutions using drones and on-board technology for inspections, mapping and spraying.

MundoGEO’s exhibitions, bringing together the geographic intelligence, drones, space and eVTOLs sectors, form a unique combination in the world. In this way, we are able to leverage the tangential points of these technologies, such as reality capture, image processing for different types of analysis using artificial intelligence, solutions from space and advanced air mobility,”,

points out MundoGEO’s CEO, Emerson Granemann.

For all of the exhibitions’ segments, more than 120 business roundtables were held, connecting major buyers, such as Vale and Petrobras, among others, with potential suppliers present at the exhibition. In addition, there was a competition for startups who showed their pitches to potential investors and a meeting with all the aerospace engineering course coordinators who, together with the students, discussed with the government and industry how to improve their curricula to better meet the human resource demands of the national space sector.

Next edition

The 2025 edition of MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow Robotics, SpaceBR Show and Expo eVTOL will be even larger. For this reason, the exhibitions will take place between June 3 and 5 at the Expo Center Norte – Blue Pavilion, in Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil.