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Registration Options

Up to April 10
Up to the event
Courses One Course
R$ 595,00
R$ 645,00

Trainings One Training
R$ 700,00
R$ 750,00

Seminars One Seminar
R$ 545,00
R$ 595,00

Special Events Forum Geointelligence For Defense and Security
R$ 495,00
R$ 545,00
Forum Google Geo Solutions for Business
R$ 495,00
R$ 545,00

By attending TWO activities you get a THIRD one for free (course, seminar or special event)


Here’s the full program with courses, seminars and special events that will take place during MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2014.

Courses: The values on the chart allow access to one of the 20 courses (6 hours of workload).

• Seminars: The values on the chart allow access to one of the seven seminars (6 hours of workload).

• Special Events: The values on the chart allow access to one of the two special events (6 hours of workload).

• OGC Training: The values on the chart provide access to the training on-site and also an OGC membership for each participant on behalf of universities, local , regional and state governments agencies, research institutes, and nongovernmental organizations (limited to an association per eligible organization). For the participants representing federal agencies or private companies will be provided a discount coupon ($ 250.00) for OGC membership.

headphone Simultaneous translation: all lectures and discussions in seminars conducted in English, will be simultaneously translated into Portuguese and Spanish.

Special rates for groups of professionals, students and professors: to get the discount (not cumulative), please contact via email or by phones +55 ( 41 ) 3338-7789 and ( 11 ) 4063-8848.

Benefits of attending
• Direct contact with leading experts in the geospatial industry in Latin America
• Free access to the exhibition of products and services during the three day event
• Unique opportunity to expand your network of professional contacts
• You will get a folder with all the supporting material of the event and sponsors information

Cancellations and substitutions
Cancelling a subscription is possible up to 10 days before the event as disclosed below. After this deadline and up to 5 days before the event, other person can attend the conference, by notifying with all details of the new participant. In case of non-attendance, there will be no refund. A letter of credit will be generated to be used at other MundoGEO events, ap to 30 days after the conference.


- Up to 30 days before the event: 70% of the amount will be refunded
- Up to 10 days before the event: 50% of the amount will be refunded
- Less than 10 days before the event: there will be no refund of amounts paid and a letter of credit will be generated to be used at other MundoGEO events.

Program modifications
Speakers and topics of the conference are confirmed during the design phase of the project. However substitutions, replacements or cancellations might happen, duet to unforeseeable circumstances. Thus, MundoGEO reserves the right to change the program of the event. Any replacement will be disclosed on our website as soon as possible. If a course, seminar or special event does not reach the minimum number of attendes, the activity may be canceled, so the participant will be notified and reallocated in a similar activity, or the investment will be refunded.

The activities of the conference will begin at 8:45 am and the accreditation at 7:30. No guests under the age of 16 will be allowed.