From May 9th to 11th | São Paulo – Brazil


• Regulation for Professional Use of Drones
• Drone Image Processing
• Drones in Agricultural and Forestry Spraying
• Drones in Agribusiness and Forestry
• Drone Inspections
• Drones Aerial Mapping
• Geographic Intelligence for Smart Decisions
• Geographic Information in the Metaverse
• Technical Cadastre and Urban Geoinformation
• Georeferencing of Rural Property


• Geospatial technologies and Drones in Agribusiness
• Drones in Spraying and Biological Control
• Drones in Monitoring and Inspections
• Geospatial technologies environment and carbon credits
• GIS, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing
• Integration of Digital Twins, BIM, GIS and Metaverse
• Territorial Cadastre for Municipal Governance


• 9th Drone Regulation Forum
• 1st eVTOL Forum
• 1st Autonomous Mobile Robotics Forum