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News - 12 / February / 2015

3D laser technology or conventional topography: which one is the best?

With numerous applications and high precision capacity, Laser technology advances quickly and increasingly approaches of the conventional surveying techniques

Despite being the youngest methodology in the field measurements, the 3D laser scanning uses the same principle of a total station, where the measurement of angles and distances to the three-dimensional positioning is basically done. The difference consists in the abundant capacity of collecting data in a short period of time. The “3D” title came when the equipment store, as raw data, essentially XYZ coordinates, calculated in real time from the linear and angular measurements.

The most basic 3D laser scanner product is the Cloud points, which is essentially the combination of all points measured by independent scenes in a single coordinate system. In the XYZ coordinates, it is also obtained laser return intensity for each spot, which helps to identify many field elements depending on the material and color.

For accuracy, in normal conditions it can be said that the fixed laser is the most accurate of them, so it may come up with better values than an inch, but is more limited in scope. New possibilities can be reached with the mobile laser scanner, a system that consists of several sensors. Loaded on a mobile platform (vehicle), the data collection will be in movement, where all sensors are performing measurements.

Concepts, characteristics, data processing and different techniques will be presented in 3D Laser Scanning Course: Fixed and Mobile, which will be held on May 6 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You will be able to see different equipments, how to extract data, registering scenes and learn about the history of this technology.

To get to know the differences and advantages of this technology over traditional processes of data collection, as well as productivity gains and quality of work and the limits and applications of this technology, participate in 3D Laser Scanning Seminar: Technology and Applications on May 5.

Laser Scanning 3D course and seminar will last all day and will be held during MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2015 in São Paulo (SP). Ckeck out the subscription options for the 2015 conference.

The trade fair will have free access by advance registration. Registration for the seminars, forums courses are available on the event website. For more information, please contact us by email or phone +55 (41) 3338-7789 / +55 (11) 4063-8848.


Course and Seminar will instruct and discuss 3D technology aspects