The 2023 trade fair has only 10% of booths available: MundoGEO Connect, DroneShow and SpaceBR Show

90% of the area planned for the trade fair is already occupied. In addition to product suppliers, the demand for stands by companies providing services for agriculture, forestry, mining, energy, environment, cities, security, transport, construction, utilities and logistics is growing

From May 9-11, 2023 the Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo (SP) will host simultaneous events with trade fair, courses, seminars and forums: DroneShowMundoGEO Connect e SpaceBR Show.

MundoGEO added another floor to hold the 3 events in 2023. With this change, the supply of stands grew by 50%. Booth sales are still heated and only 10% of free spaces remain.

The resumption of in-person events comes with full force worldwide. This year MundoGEO held the biggest event since the company was founded. The events DroneShow, MundoGEO Connect and SpaceBR Show 2022 gathered more than 4,200 participants from 30 countries, 180 speakers and 84 companies at the fair.

For 2023, many new features are planned, such as the 1st eVTOL Forum on Urban Air Mobility and the 1st Forum on Autonomous Navigation and Mobile Robotics. In addition, themes such as Metaverse, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence and various forms of reality capture will have special emphasis using orbital, airborne and ground platforms.

In the space area, the theme Space Exploration and New Business will discuss the impact of the start of launch operations at the Alcântara Base, in Maranhão, regarding the generation of jobs and opportunities in Brazil. In the area of drones, the courses and seminars will include discussions about the ever present regulatory news and the growing market for thematic and precision mapping services (aerial surveys), inspections, spraying and delivery.

In the 2023 trade fair, new national and international drone brands, on-board and post processing technologies are already guaranteeing their presence in the exhibition, which will be 50% bigger than this year’s edition, due to the layout change and the use of one more floor in the Frei Caneca Convention Center. Registrations, lectures and courses will happen on the sixth floor, and 100% of the fair will be concentrated on the fifth floor. With this change, the number of booths has increased by 50%. Booth sales are still strong and only 10% of the booths are still available.

In the geospatial technology area, we will have several exhibitors and content showing the advances in satellite positioning and mapping equipment, as well as solutions that involve data processing using AI for a faster and more complete geographic analysis.

During the next months, the detailed schedule of courses, seminars and forums will be disclosed by MundoGEO web portal and the respective event websites:

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