The focus of lectures and discussions will always use the arena format and allow ample interaction via questions, both from those present as from online participants. There will be three auditoriums that will run concurrently, and conferences (keynote speakers).

Some excerpts from the event will be broadcast online and recorded (video and podcast) for later delivery via Internet.

It will be addressed in MundoGEO#Connect the main news and trends related to geomatics applied in the areas of public administration, environment, infrastructure, natural resources, agribusiness, geomarketing, location-based services, among others.

-> Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
-> Data Quality
-> Distribution and Copyright Data
-> Interoperability
-> Privacy

-> 3D Mapping
-> Aerial Photography
-> Satellite Images
-> Radar and Laser
-> GIS | Geoweb
-> GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass)
-> LBS | Mobility
-> Mobile GIS

-> Utilities
-> Civil Defense | Environmental Disasters
-> Mining | Oil
-> Environment | Sustainability
-> Agribusiness | Forestry
-> Government: Federal, State and Municipal
-> Infrastructure

Parallel Events
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