MundoGEO magazine for tablets and HTML5 will be launched

MundoGEO, leader in the organization of events and publication of magazines and web portal for the geospatial industry in Latin America, announces the launch of the MundoGEO magazine for new platforms. In addition to the printed version and the digital “browseable” for PC, MundoGEO innovates once again and launches the first magazine about geospatial technologies and solutions for tablet and HTML 5, offering a more interactive experience to connect with readers. The unveiling will be during the MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2012 , the largest gathering of geospatial industry in Latin America, held from May 29 thru 31 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center in Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil.

After a series of surveys, conducted in late 2011, the new MundoGEO magazine was originated from the union of InfoGEO Magazines – which was focused on GIS and remote sensing – and InfoGNSS – aimed at topography and land surveying. By putting all these elements together, unified content and multiplatform, the publication follows the industry trend of convergence of technologies.

For the tablets, in order to demonstrate the possibilities of the platform, the first edition will have a free download for iOS and Android operational systems. The benefits go far beyond the storage facilities and mobility, including content and different media converging on a new design. The interactivity is responsible for the new features of video, audio and animated infographics.

“The unveiling of the magazine for tablets is another step for MundoGEO magazine in the direction of the integration of various means to connect the community of geospatial technologies,” said Eduardo Freitas, editor of the publication. “With tablet capability, we now offer another way for people to meet and stay up-to-date about the geospatial technologies and solutions, but now with much more interaction,” he concludes.


HTML is a programming language used to display web content. HTML 5 is nothing more than the improvement of this language, with new features. Thus, with MundoGEO magazine in HTML 5, will be able to access the publication of any device with internet access, with various alternatives of interaction.

“The unveiling of MundoGEO magazine for tablets and interactive HTML 5, will provide access to computers, which is another option for our magazine subscribers. Today, we have readers for both medias, the physical and digital versions, so the printed magazine will continue to exist,” says Emerson Granemann, director and publisher of MundoGEO.

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