Concept and Audience


MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2012, the largest and most important event of geomatics and geospatial solutions in Latin America, is proposing a new kind of conceptual experience of interaction between speakers, debaters and participants, using a talk show model, which thereby favoring the exchange of ideas instead of long and unidirectional exhibits.

Another singularity of the event is the way the program was set out, elaborated from an intensive array of surveys in the community sector. This contact is permanent through social networks, visitors to the portal, magazine subscribers and participants of the dozens of events and webinars already organized by MundoGEO.

Target audience

The several activities of the event (informative courses, forums, seminars, workshops and exhibition of products and services) have attractive things for beginners, experts and decision makers from all Latin America. The contents present conceptual approaches, management, technology news and statements from experts. All done in a calm and friendly environment for refresher courser, expanding the network of contacts and knowledge of innovative geospatial solutions.

All lectures in English will have simultaneous translation to Portuguese and Spanish.

Previous edition

In 2011, the event gathered 7,500 participants: 900 in seminars and courses, 1,800 visitors at the fair and more than 4,800 online participants, connected via webinars and social networks. At the Expo were over 30 companies, representing more than 50 brands in the industry. Professionals from all Latin America were present in the event, from countries like Argentina, Chile, Paraguai, Uruguai and Peru, besides people from Africa, North America, Europe and Asia.

Surveys done on the last event proved that this new model has drawn at least 60% of professionals who had never participated in industry events, and more than 90% approved the format and ideas presented in 2011.

Theme and goals for 2012

“Sharing information for a better world”. The slogan directs the creation of the activities’ program, due to the importance of spatial information to be produced following interoperability standards, allowing multiple applications, rationalizing the use of resources and extending the results to society.

MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2012 aims to bring together over 120 speakers, promoting 8 courses, 7 seminars, 4 forums and 10 workshops. The event aims to connect more than 10,000 professionals including 1,500 participants in the activities, 2,500 expo visitors and at least 6,000 more remotely connected via webinars and social networks, since 10% of the activities will be broadcasted over the Internet. At the expo, the expectation is to have more than 50 exhibitors, representing more than 80 global brands in the industry.

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