Sector entrepreneurs are already talking about MundoGEO#Connect 2011

The MundoGEO#Connect will happen from 14th to16th June 2011, in São Paulo, at the Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca. The idea comes from the perception of the MundoGEO Group about the new demand for information from professionals involved in geotechnologies. More than just putting them together, the event format is unprecedented in Brazil. Brings a fair of products and services, besides lectures, discussions and workshops that will be interactive, enabled for online broadcasts, through Twitter and webinars. The slogan “The future of the map arrived!” is inspired by the new relationship between users with maps and technologies besides current applications of geoinformation.

Geospatial entrepreneurs are already talking about their expectations about MundoGEO#Connect 2011.
The credibility of the MundoGEO Group also attracts participants and disseminates geotechnology in the country. “The Group has always been guided by competence, ethics and deep knowledge of the market,” says Fernando Schmiegelow, marketing director of Sisgraph. Acquiring new customers during the MundoGEO#Connect is a goal of many companies, explains Pedro Donizete Parzzanini, engineer of CPE technology. “We have great expectations in this fair because it will be a great opportunity to introduce our products of laser scanning and close good business,” says Parzzanini. Carlos Alberto Pimentel, director of Geocenter, believes that this event will attract large numbers of participants. “Driven by the acceleration of the market and a lack of professionals in geo, everyone is searching about geoinformation and new technologies for the sector,” explains Pimentel.

About MundoGEO Group
MundoGEO Group, which promotes MundoGEO#Connect, operates in the production of content for print and online medias, fairs, seminars, webinars and courses in geoinformation area since 1998. Publishes two leading magazines: InfoGEO, about satellite images and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and InfoGNSS, focused on land surveying and cartography. In this area the company has MundoGEO portal, with daily content in Portuguese, Spanish and English, leading visitors in Latin America, Portugal and Spain. The Group also operates in the Geomobility with InfoGPS portal, and sustainability with the Atitude Sustentável webportal. Both have content partnership with UOL.

More informations about the event can be read in the next InfoGEO – issue 62.

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