Know more about the complete schedule of MundoGEO#Connect’s seminars

Know more about the complete schedule of MundoGEO#Connect’s seminars
Professionals and specialists in geo-technologies will meet in the largest event of the sector in Latin America

MundoGEO#Connect will take place in São Paulo, from June 14 to 16, and will be presenting innovations in thefield of geo-technology through seminars, workshops, mini-courses and users’ meetings. More than 100 debaters and lecturers are already confirmed in the activities chart of the event.

One of the most important meetings on geo-information in Brazil, MundoGEO#Connect’s fair will count on the presence of companies of mapping sectors, geo-referencing, satellite images, geospatial databases, geo-processing, providers of services based on location, among others.

The seminars that will take place during the three- day event follow a model which has already been used since 2009 by MundoGEO Group. The seminars are initiated with a specialist’s lecture on the subject, with an overview of the subject. Soon afterwards a series of debates are held in which the participants can interact with the lecturers.

The complete schedule is available and the registrations for the event can already be done, and the format is totally interactive. Beginning with the schedule’s elaboration itself, in which the community’s participation through online polls and researches was fundamental for the choice of the themes and the lecturers. Approximately 75% of the lecturers that will be present in MundoGEO#Connect were nominated in the polls.

Know more about the complete schedule for the seminars on MundoGEO#Connect’s site.

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About MundoGEO Connect 2011 event in São Paulo, Brazil

MundoGEO Group is promoting MundoGEO#Connect event in São Paulo in June. The expectation is to receive more than 3.000 professionals in MundoGEO#Connect event, among specialists, decision makers, data producers, application developers, content providers and users of geoinformation in general. The event is internationally supported by GIM, Directionsmag, V1, ISPRS and GITA. The fair of the event has already confirmed the presence of the main Brazilian companies, including the local distributors of Spot, Digital lobe, RapidEye, Hexagon, Trimble, Google, Topcon, Erdas, Logica, MapInfo, Radarsat, Spectra, Garmin, Navteq among others.

There will be seven seminars, two courses, many workshops and other events happening simultaneously. According to Emerson Zanon Granemann, director and founder of MundoGEO Group and coordinator of the event, “The contents of the presentations and debates are based on a great research that was made in the geospatial community. All the presentations will be interactive, allowing people to participate live or by internet. Live updates from the conference discussion panels will be broadcasted on Twitter and delivered through a webinar plataform”.

The geo-technology subjects of the presentations are: Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), Data Quality, 3D Mapping, Remote Sensing, Photogrametry, Radar and Laser, GIS, Land Surveying, Geoweb, GNSS and LBS. The subjects of the application areas bring the economic growth of Brazil nowadays concerning infrastructure/utilities, civil defense, disasters response, mining, oil and gas, environment, sustainability, agribusiness, forestry and federal, state and local government.

About MundoGEO Group

The MundoGEO Group was founded in 1998, with the main goal of connecting users and producers of geospatial information, producing high quality content through magazines, portals and events. The Group maintain MundoGEO Web Portal, InfoGPS Web Portal about Geomatic and LBS, besides InfoGEO magazine, focused on remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and InfoGNSS magazine, about land surveying and cartography. Along with international institutions, the Group participates in Galileo Information Centre and Encore Project. The Group promotes in many cities in Brazil conferences, fairs and a lot of seminars in Sao Paulo andwebinars, besides the annual MundoGEO#Connect, the main event of the sector in Latin America.

MundoGEO Portal is a leader in visitors in Latin America, Portugal and Spain, and is one of the four most accessed portals of the world in geomatic area. The Portal produces content in three languages – Portuguese, English and Spanish. MundoGEO and InfoGPS Web Portals have a lot of channels, more than 120.000 unique visitors monthly and 40.000 registered professionals. The web platform publishes daily news, articles, blogs, videos and events agenda, with conexion to the main social networks. The portal has more than 4.000 followers in Twitter and Facebook.