It’s time to think and talk about infrastructure in Brazil

MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica will bring together the leading professionals in engineering and construction of the country. The event takes place 29-31 of May in Sao Paulo.

The year 2012 will be promising and challenging for the market related to the infrastructure in Brazil.After all, the industry and retail equipment for large construction projects continue on the rise, according to the Brazilian Association of Technology for Equipment and Maintenance (Sobratema). On the other hand, nature defies the power of big cities, requiring new plans to contain the force of water and earth, as are the recent cases of the state of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

These are the big current issues of management of the territory, whether urban or rural, that devastate Brazil. Therefore, it is important to discuss and improve techniques about what is being done and what can be done in the areas of engineering and major projects in the country.

Based on these issues seminars, forums and courses come about in MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2012, the most important event of the geotechnology industry in Latin America, will take place on May 29 thru 31 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in Sao Paulo ( SP).

Several activities will be focused on the topic, discussing how geotechnology can be a powerful tool in the area of ​​infrastructure. On the 29, the following courses will take place: GIS for Town Halls and Remote Sensing.On the second day it will be the seminars turn: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Aerial photographs and GNSS & Topographic Automation, while on the 31, the E-government conference and the Satellite Images seminar will take place.

MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2012

With the theme “Sharing information for a better world”, MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2012 will emphasize the current challenge of producing geospatial data, following the standards that make their full use simple by the information system users.

In this edition, the spots available at the MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica fair of products and services were increased by 50%. Furthermore, the number of auditoriums for the activities of the event was expanded by 100% in relation to the 2011 event.

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