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Who we are:

The MundoGEO and DroneShow fairs are events annually carried out by MundoGEO, a company located in Curitiba and founded in 1998, being the Latin America’s leader in the promotion of events and content for the geospatial and drone businesses.

The online channels of MundoGEO connect more than 120 thousand professionals and several Latin American countries. This ever-growing community keeps constantly updating through daily published news and the undertaking of face-to-face events, and mainly online events as webinars. The company’s online platforms generate approximately more than 8 thousand one hit daily pageviews.

2019 Events: Geospatial Technologies and Drones in the 4.0 Industry

The 9th edition of the MundoGEO event is to be held alongside the 5th DroneShow edition in 2019 and elaborated in a disruptive manner aligned with the 4.0 industry revolution. Nonetheless, not losing the essence of its trajectory bound to foment in this sector.

The event is being designed from the integration of Brazil’s main economic pillars with the disruptive technologies. Such as:

Main Economic Pillars

• Agriculture
• Digital Governance
• Environment
• Infrastructure
• Natural Resources
• Security and Defense
• Smart Cities

Disruptive Technologies

• Artificial Intelligence
• Autonomous Technology
• Big Data and Analytics
• Drones
• Internet of Things
• Machine Learning
• Virtual Reality

Geospatial Technologies

• Aerophotogrammetry
• Geospatial Intelligence / GIS
• Mobile Mapping
• Satellite Images
• Topography
• Urban and Rural Registration

Target Public:

The contents, fair and activities of this event are dedicated to three kinds of target public:

• Professionals involved in collecting, storing, processing, sharing and analysis of the information for management and decision-making.
• Public/private managers needing to get to know about trends and main demands to be met by such information and systems to improve the performance of their activities.
• Professionals from the supply chain sector searching for integration with regulating organs and with the buyers/contracting parties of the technology of public/private sectors and academia.
• Besides covering the supply chain of the sector, the event is organized for service providers in general who decided to incorporate surveying and drones to increase their productivity and meet their customer needs.

The previous edition of the MundoGEO#Connect Conference and Fair took place in São Paulo, on May 15-17, 2018 and gathered specialists, researchers, users and entrepreneurs from numerous countries in the region and also from other continents. Attendance accounted for more than 3.500 participants and 80 speakers. The fair gathered 52 exhibitors and 90 Brazilian and international brands in the geospatial technologies and drone fair.

The positive results gathered in the survey with the participants also indicate the response to the event proposal, in which 95% approved it. Other data show that the participants profile was formed by 35% in the public sector and 65% in the private secto. Occupations varied from directing and management positions with 58%, technical sector 32%.

MundoGEO Group Team

CEO and Publisher: Emerson Zanon Granemann |
Editor and Event Coordinator: Eduardo Freitas |
Sales Manager: Jarbas Raichert Neto |
Administrative and Finance Manager: Eloísa Stoffel Eisfeld Rosa |
IT Manager: Guilherme Vinícius Vieira |