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MundoGEO#Connect 2012 should gather more than 10.000 professionals

The place and the date for MundoGEO#Connect 2012 are already defined. The spot for the meeting of the geo-spatial industry will be in São Paulo – the main city of Latin America – more specifically at Frei Caneca Convention Center, from May 29 to May 31, 2012, and it will join a fair with the main companies of the sector along with a courses and seminars programming into interactive format.

MundoGEO#Connect 2011 has 88% of its sponsors’ and participants’ approval

The numbers and evaluations of MundoGEO#Connect are already available. The event was held in São Paulo (SP) from June 14 to June 16 in São Paulo and counted on the geo-technologies community’s expressive participation. There were more than 7,5 thousand professionals connected to it, being 900 participants of seminars and mini-courses, 1,8 thousand visitors to the fair and over 5 thousand internet users who followed the event online, through Twitter and through webinars that transmitted 10% of the event’s program. Besides a fair of products and services, counting on the main companies of the sector, MundoGEO#Connect also counted on an extensive list of activities that included seminars, mini-courses, workshops and users’ meetings.

Get to know the most voted ones in each category of MundoGEO#Connect’s Award

The largest event of geo-technology of Latin America will recognize the most outstanding people of the sector, and they will be known during the presentation of MundoGEO#Connect’s award, on June 15, starting at 6 p.m. Throughout January and February the community participated in the first phase, nominating the finalists. From March to May the last stage was accomplished, in which over 2 thousand people voted to choose who should win the award.

Get to know who will be the international lecturers at MundoGEO#Connect

A unique format event, accomplished by MundoGEO Group, will be held in São Paulo (SP) from June 14 to June 16. MundoGEO#Connect will gather more than 3 thousand people, among participants of seminars, mini-courses, workshops and visitors of the fair. It will count on the presence of professionals and companies from the geo-technology sector, who will participate in the event that prioritizes the interactivity and the optimization of time for those who are registered.

MundoGEO#Connect´s fair has many international trademarks

The admission to MundoGEO#Connect’s fair is free, and the accreditation can already be done online through the site ( When the accreditation is done online, the visitor will receive the fair’s badge when he/she gets to the fair. This will prevent the waiting in lines so that the participant can get in as soon as he/she arrives.

MundoGEO#Connect’s fair of products and services has free admission for professionals from the sector

Counting on more than 30 exhibitors, the fair of products and services that will take place during MundoGEO#Connect will present innovations and releases from the geo-technology sector. From June 14 to June 16, in São Paulo, Brazil, about 3 thousand people will be participating in the several activities promoted by the event, which will also comprehend mini-courses, seminars, workshops and users’ meetings

Check the complete schedule of MundoGEO#Connect’s seminar “Geo-spatial Databases”

Among the several activities that will take place during the event, the seminar “Geo-spatial Databases” will bring a complete analysis on all of the aspects linked to the quality of the databases, from the collection, validation, and integration, to the analysis and sharing of geo-information.

Know more about the complete schedule of MundoGEO#Connect’s seminars

The seminars that will take place during the three- day event follow a model which has already been used since 2009 by MundoGEO Group. The seminars are initiated with a specialist’s lecture on the subject, with an overview of the subject. Soon afterwards a series of debates are held in which the participants can interact with the lecturers.

Second Edition of Google Earth and Maps for Companies Seminar takes place during MundoGEO#Connect

In the seminar “Google Earth and Maps for Companies”, that will be held during MundoGEO#Connect in São Paulo(SP), Brazil, from June 14 to June 16, Google and local partners will introduce innovations related to solutions for companies which have applications in the areas of geographic analysis and Location Based Services (LBS). The event will also count on mini-courses, workshops, users meetings and a fair with more than 30 exhibitors that will gather about 3 thousand participants.

New business models of location based services are the theme of a seminar at MundoGEO#Connect

The geographic position is an element which is present in the most varied technological solutions, from smartphones to devices for the tracking of prisoners, providing new possibilities and business models which involve the users’ location and data.